TW 508 – Microcontroller Based Digital Control System Design

Duration : 20 Hours

Content :

  1. Basic principle of linear circuits
  2. Concept of impedance
  3. Semiconductor devices: diodes, transistors, IGBTs
  4. Operational amplifiers and applications
  5. Digital electronics: logic devices, decoders, multiplexers, flip-flops, ADC. DAC, PWM channels.
  6. Microcontroller architecture:  CPU, memory and hardware I/O capabilities, interrupts, timers, counters, ADC, DAC, PWM, DIO channels.
  7. Register level and C-function based programming of microcontrollers.
  8. PIC 18F452 series microcontroller.
  9. Motorola 58Fxxx series microcontroller/DSP.
  10. Example projects: hardware interface and real-time software development and demonstration
    • Lab 1:   Digital I/O:  switch and LED interface
    • Lab 2:   Analog I/O:  strain-gage interface
    • Lab 3:   Timer and counter
    • Lab 4:   Solenoid control
    • Lab 5:   Stepper motor control
    • Lab 6:   Open loop DC motor speed control
    • Lab 7:   Closed loop DC motor position control with encoder feedback