TW 505 – Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow

Duration : 20 Hours

Content :

  1. Matlab: command interface, basic functions in Matlab, logic, input-output, data storage, extensive library of Matlab functions and toolbox functions.
  2. Simulink: graphical modeling environment and basic building blocks, interface to Matlab, C code additions via S functions, hardware I/O interface.
  3. Stateflow: graphical environment and basic building blocks, concepts of state, transitions and conditions, S-function integration and Simulink interactions.
  4. Autocode generation using Real Time Workshop (RTW) and Stateflow Coder (SFC)
  5. Target hardware considerations: xPC, Mototron, Cat ECMs.
  6. Co-simulation:  Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow control systems models and dynamic models developed in a separate environment (i.e. Cat’s Dynasty), and their co-simulation.