TW 504 – Design of Electric Motion Control Systems

Duration : 20 Hours

Content :

  1. Electrical circuits and electromagnetic principles
  2. Solenoids and drives
  3. DC brush and brushless motors and drives,
  4. Stepper motors and drives,
  5. AC induction motors and drives
  6. Component sizing in electric motion system design: power supply and drive sizing, motor sizing, gear ratio sizing, sensor selection and resolution.
  7. Programmable closed loop motion control concepts: position, velocity, force control.
  8. Multi axis motion control and coordination, sensing, actuation and real-time software requirements
  9. Motion coordination:  point-to-point, electronic gearing, contouring, robotic path planning
  10.  Examples of various automated machine and robotics concepts in factory automation: web handling tension control, registration applications, XYZ CNC tables.