IT: Big Data

Businessman pressing an I.T. concept button.
From capturing the data, analyzing the data with state of art data analytics software tools, to decisions made, Servotech is here to support you through each step that will lead to smart business decisions.

Information Technology (IT)

Hardware includes networked computers (servers and clients), laptops, smartphones, data storage devices, printers. Software management is where our services focused on. That includes business applications such as database management (SQL Server), Web servers (Apache), transactional systems, email servers, cloud computing and storage management.

IT Professionals:

  • IT System Administrator who configures, manages and supports daily operations.
  • IT System Architect to design and modify, as needed, the IT infrastructure both in hardware and software.
  • IT Project Manager defines the project goals, manages resources and progress of the project
  • IT Software Developer writes code, tests and deploys the code to meet business objectives.
  • IT Support Professional assists and troubleshoot daily operational problems, help end-users on how to use the system, and fix problems.

What is "Big Data" and Why Does It Mater ?

Big data is the data that is generated by everything in the world connected to the internet. It is generated from social networks, sensor networks, online transactions and more. All of the data together becomes so immense that is too difficult to process using traditional methods. And it’s only getting bigger. Behind the challenges it presents, big data holds opportunities to obtain valuable insight and make better business decisions for organizations that successfully utilize it.

Success in business depends on the quality of questions asked and the effectiveness of decisions made. Big Data technologies expands the questions business users can ask which leads to more detailed, more accurate, more timely and more predictive decisions.


Data Analytics

Exponential growth of available real time data from sensors in engineering systems resulted in a paradigm shift in product support, maintenance, and design changes based on lessons learned using “big data”.   Available real sensor data, in vast quantities, are used by mathematical algorithms based on statistical methods and artificial intelligence to extract the real time condition of systems, then decide on current operation optimization, maintenance scheduling, and even engineering design changes by identifying weaknesses in the design of the machine.

Data Analytics: IT and Embedded Link

Data analytics on “big data” connects resources of IT technology (available vast data and computational resource distributed in the IT infrastructure), processes it using the IT infrastructure, and makes decisions to effect the embedded control system operation in real-time.  For example, it links embedded controller in your car’s engine with the IT infrastructure to support it, which brings about the benefits of the collaboration between engineers who design the embedded controller in your car and mathematicians who analyze the resulting big data.

Advanced analytics requires the right talent with skills in data science along with an understanding of the business, engineering, technology and relevant sources of value.