Shaftless Printing Machine

Shaftless Printing Machine Control System

Application Example:

This motion control system has six (6) closed loop controlled servo motors. Motor one pulls web (or drives the unwind roll) at a constant speed. Motor 2, 3, 4 and 5 runs in electronic gearing mode to track the line speed of the web. In addition, motors 2-5 are position phase adjusted based on a registration mark sensor signal to assure that the print at each color station is made accurately with respect to a “registration mark”. Motor 6 is used again to track the line speed as well as maintain desired tension (tension sensor is omitted in the figure below for simplicity). In some applications the control mode of Motors 1 and 6 may be swapped, that is Motor 6 may be used to set the linear line speed while motor 1 is used to track the line speed while maintaining a desired tension.


Automation systems and custom integration services in robotics and factory automation:

  • Custom modification to the base design to meet customer needs
  • detailed design of mechanical parts, electrical wiring,
  • customized software configuration and development
  • complete system assembly, debug and test.

In some cases, motor 2 may print without a registration mark reference, then motors 3-5 uses the print of motor 2 as their registration mark reference. Typical line speeds are 2000 ft/min, and print positioning accuracy 1/10,000 in. A single multi axis controller controls all six motors, provide a human-machine interface (HMI) device with touch screen capability as well as communicate with higher level factory and enterprise level computers.