Paper Cutting Machines

Motion System for Paper Cutting Machines

Application Example:

Programmable servo controlled paper cutting machines are two axis servo control system with electronic gearing and registration mark correction control. The feed roll axis motor (X-axis) is run at a desired line speed (typically a constant speed, but does not have to be). A master encoder measures the actual linear speed of the web. We can not rely on the encoder connected to the feed-roll motor due to slip between the rolls and the web. Directly measuring the line speed with master encoder is a more accurate way of measuring line speed and eliminates the problems associated with web slippage. The knife axis (Y-axis) motor is controlled with two objectives: 1. follow the line shaft speed at the desired gear ratios (two gear ratios involved: gear ratio 1 during contact phase with the web and gear ratio 2 during non-contact phase with the web) 2. make position (phase) corrections in order to place the tool (knife) at the right position relative to the registration mark.


Automation systems and custom integration services in robotics and factory automation:

  • Custom modification to the base design to meet customer needs
  • detailed design of mechanical parts, electrical wiring,
  • customized software configuration and development
  • complete system assembly, debug and test.

The concept is identical to the controlled axes in printing applications with registration mark. A multi axis controller controls two servo motors, interfaces to three encoders (master encoder, encoders on feed roll motor and on knife axis motor) and interfaces to an HMI device.