Chill Control System

Infeed-Web Chill Control System

Application Example:

This system controls up to four (4) servo motors in closed loop mode. Two of the motors are used in upper web, and identical two are used in the lower web. The operational logic of the lower and upper pairs are identical and can be independently enabled, disabled or varied. A master encoder provides the line shaft speed and position information. Chill motor follows the line shaft speed using electronic gearing. The gear ratio is selectable by the operator or job description database files. The infeed motor follows the line speed as well as adjusts its speed in order to maintain a desired tension based on a dancer arm position. It is in electronic gearing with tension control mode.


Automation systems and custom integration services in robotics and factory automation:

  • Custom modification to the base design to meet customer needs
  • detailed design of mechanical parts, electrical wiring,
  • customized software configuration and development
  • complete system assembly, debug and test.

This logic is duplicated for the upper chill. The number of infeed and chill units per web can be increased to fit custom application needs. Gear ratio, desired tension, closed loop control algorithm parameters can be set by the user thru the HMI (human-machine interface) device.