Coil Winding Machine

High Speed Programmable Coil Winding Machine

Application Example:

The motion control system for precision coil winding machine involves two-axis servo motor control. A motion controller controls both motors in closed loop mode and interfaces to and HMI (human-machine interface) device. The lower spindle motor is run at a constant speed for each job with fast acceleration and deceleration rates at the beginning and end of each coil in order to increase productivity. The upper motor is electronically referenced to the position of the lower motor. Within each revolution of the lower motor (master axis), there is a window of opportunity for the upper motor (slave axis) to move. The motion of the upper motor (start-move-stop-wait sequence) is electronically position locked to the lower spindle motor. Home, Lim-, Lim+ sensors are used to establish home reference after initial power-up.


Automation systems and custom integration services in robotics and factory automation:

  • Custom modification to the base design to meet customer needs
  • detailed design of mechanical parts, electrical wiring,
  • customized software configuration and development
  • complete system assembly, debug and test.