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We recruit top talent around the globe. We provide a work environment that is based on habit of excellence, integrity and mutual respect for everyone. All of our business relationships are based on a “win-win” principle for everyone involved. We aim to be the best global technology services company in the world. Top talent is what we look for in our recruitment. The candidate does not necessarily have to be an expert in our field. As long as the candidates have the intellectual talent and moral values, we will teach them.

Our recruitment philosophy is what a famous college basketball coach said: “We are looking for great athletes. We will teach them how to dribble the ball”. Likewise, we are looking for smartest engineers, we will teach them the details of our technology.

With teamwork approach, we continuously train younger engineers by our team of senior engineers in our company. We believe in life long learning. Everyday, we get some work done, try to learn something new and better, and have a little fun while doing all that.

If you think you are one of the best talents in the world in your field, and interested in working in an environment where excellence and integrity are the core values, we want you!